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Therapy News

Covid Burnout

As the pandemic wears on, you may find yourself feeling tired, stressed, or more irritable than usual. Clients we work with often report that small challenges in their daily life suddenly feel insurmountable and they are easily overwhelmed when faced with tasks they...

Yoga in the Park

In support of Easter Seals NS and the Drop Zone Challenge I will be hosting Yoga in the Park on Sunday, August 16 at 10am. Any donation amount is welcome for this important cause. This event will take place at DeWolf park in Bedford. Mary Frances Affleck will be...

Fundraiser for March of Dimes

Zita of East Coast OT will be participating in a fundraiser for March of Dimes on 3 October 2020. This challenge involves rappelling down the side of 1801 Hollis Street in Halifax - all 22 floors! I welcome any donations toward this event, which supports Nova Scotians...

Productivity During a Pandemic

Hello all! Just a quick check-in from East Coast Occupational Therapy. CTV posted a nice article on 8 April titled: This is why you don’t need to be productive during a pandemic. The link is here:...

Tips for coping with Covid-19

Tips for coping with Covid-19

In this time of uncertainty, many feelings may arise within us. Some of these may include worry, anxiety, fear and concern regarding the future, including the well-being of our friends and loved ones. New information continues to arise on a daily and hourly basis and...

Community Support

Community Support

The following links provide information on some of the support services available in HRM and throughout the province of Nova Scotia: Easter Seals www.easterseals.ns.ca Offers a loan program for assistive devices and equipment, as well as support for travel and...

Accessible Parking Survey

Accessible Parking Survey

HRM is seeking public feedback about accessible parking. This is an important issue that warrants a few minutes of your time. The survey is short, and can be found here - www.shapeyourcityhalifax.ca/accessibleparking


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