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Hello all!

Just a quick check-in from East Coast Occupational Therapy. CTV posted a nice article on 8 April titled: This is why you don’t need to be productive during a pandemic. The link is here:


Maintaining some key aspects of your routine can be helpful during these times. You might consider having a short list of “essential” daily tasks that you strive to complete. These might include things such as:

– Taking a shower
– Getting dressed
– Taking any prescribed medications
– Eating a nutritious meal
– Going for a walk

You might also consider having a secondary list of “optional tasks” available, and then picking one or two tasks to complete from that list each day. These might include things such as:

– Leisure reading for 20 minutes
– Writing in a journal
– Calling a friend or family member
– Sending a letter or email
– Addressing a housekeeping task such as vacuuming, laundry, etc.
– Organizing a closet
– Unpacking or sorting through a storage box
– Trying a new recipe
– Raking the lawn
– Cleaning your vehicle
– Playing a new game with your children

This is a time to be kind to yourself and keep tabs on your mental health and well-being as the days go by. Having realistic expectations is important – be mindful of increased pressure you might be putting on yourself and try to avoid phrases such as “I should be doing …”. Monitor your mood and perspective each day and reach out to friends and loved ones when you need support. Remember that feelings of sadness and grief are normal and it’s okay to have days when you feel less motivated. You are not alone in your struggles.